5 Steps to Consider when Undergoing a Painting Project

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Monotony is definitely not fun as it can be really boring, just like in the case of your house color. Painting your house is something done mostly when it starts to look a bit dull after a couple of years pass by (since the time it was first painted). It is even done otherwise, to change the look of a home especially before an important event like a wedding. Either way, painting is a long process that needs to be well thought out before implementation. Playing with colors while painting a house can be a fun activity instead of a stressful one. All you need to do is take into account the following:


1. Purpose – While painting your home, you need to understand the purpose of the different areas in your home. Like for example, your kid’s room will require a glossier paint as it is easy to clean up. The master bedroom will look best with a sober color as you would want it to be calming. The living room will need to be a bit more bright and welcoming. As such, colors will depend on the purpose of the room.


2. Less is More – You may have a few colors in mind that may very well complement each other. However adding too many colors in your home will leave it looking too loud and chaotic. If you are going in for a bright color for your bedroom, try painting the bright color on one wall only and leaving the rest of the walls painted a neutral color. This will lead to your room looking colorful yet trendy.


3. Complementing – Before you select a color combination, narrow down on the essential items placed in your home. This could be a staircase, beautiful couch etcetera. Once you are aware of these items, only then should you go ahead with choosing a color that will complement the same. If you have a strikingly green couch, choosing an off-white or beige for your living room will emphasis the green couch in the perfect way.


4. Sample – Even though you may have the color combinations well planned out in your head, it may look completely different in reality. Hence it is wise to carry out painting a sample of the colors you wish to paint your home with. While some colors may look great in the brochure, they may have the opposite effect on your walls.


5. Total Paint Needed – Everyone works on a budget and therefore you will want to have an idea on the amount of paint required for the entire job. For this you will have to consider the square footage of your home, along with the number of coats you desire. Keep in mind that a primer should be applied prior to painting for best results. Different colors will be priced differently and you will have to make a selection accordingly.


These are a couple of factors to make a note of before you decide to paint your home Painting will help change the entire look of your home by just selecting the right colors in the right combination. This positive change will definitely get you happy and you will never have to look at house-painting as a dreadful process.