Tips for an Awesome Date Night

The essence of a date night is to have as much fun as you possibly can as they are not that easy to come by. Demanding careers, the endless deadlines, and hectic schedules have made date nights almost non-existent. Whether you are spending time with your significant other or you have quality time with your friends, tips on how to make it memorable come in handy. There are endless ideas on how to make the date night impeccable. For instance, you could stay in and order pizza delivery, dance the night out or opt for a sporty evening.

Eating in

This comes in handy when you are running on a tight budget. It does not take rocket science for a man to prepare the lady in his life a decent meal. With simple recipes, you can come up with a meal that will make her swoon. Besides, you can skip the cooking and instead opt for pizza delivery. A candle lit dinner comprising pizza and a movie and beer afterward will spice up the mood, and there is ample time to cuddle. You are bound to come across numerous pizza delivery deals within your locality, and while you wait to have it delivered, come up with games such as a strip trivia. Besides, you can transform your living room into a picnic site and just be silly. You can even decide to have a date night photo shoot in the house by simply getting some fun do-it-yourself fun props, a beautiful backdrop and take photos of the both you being goofy. To make it more promising, be sure to dress up in as much as you might not be setting foot outside.

Attend Some Dancing Classes

Ladies simply love to dance, so why not look up for some dancing classes and attending? You are bound to have the best time while you master the moves and choreography of salsa, chacha or jazz, while at the same time spending time in each other’s arms. Besides this being one of the most creative date night ideas, it shows a lot of bravery from the guy, as it implies he is ready and willing to try something new in as much as it may make him look silly as he masters the moves.

Having Sporty Night

Laid back gaming activities such as bowling or golf afford an environment of a friendly competition between the two of you. Should any of you be unfamiliar with the intricacies of a game, this gives you the perfect opportunity to teach them, strengthening your bond and ensuring you spend quality time.

Changing the date night routine is vital in keeping it interesting. While a movie night or dinner at the local restaurant is comfortable, switching things up every once in a while ascertains quality time and keeps monotony at bay. A quality date night does not necessarily have to cost a fortune, but being creative is essential as a seemingly simple date can turn out to be better than having a meal at an expensive restaurant.

Longwood’s Top Senior Book Picks

The Top Books From Seniors in Longwood

When people grow older, they don’t lose interest in entertainment. A lot of older individuals love to read books.

If you’re looking for a book to give to a senior in your life, you’ll find that you have a lot of different options. Read on to learn more about some of the top books that were picked wtih the help of Senior Living Advisor in Longwood, for people that are part of an older generation:


Many people think of e-books and e-readers as something that are designed with the younger generation in mind. However, electronic books can actually be a wonderful thing to give to seniors. Older Aged Seniors

The biggest advantage offered by e-books is that you can change the size of the font. Seniors with poor vision can make the words on their screen as large as they need them to be.

E-readers are also lightweight and portable. Seniors that carry an e-reader will be able to have a book with them no matter where they are.

History Books

A lot of seniors like to learn more about history, whether it is their own history or the distant past. Luckily, a lot of talented authors have written detailed historical nonfiction titles.

There are many different types of history books on the market. When you’re choosing a book, you’ll want to think about the person that you are buying for. Would they prefer to read a more personal story, or would they prefer to read something that is more detail-oriented. Look at well-reviewed books and find something that they will love!

“Cozy” Mysteries

Mysteries have long had a devoted following, but in recent years, so-called “cozy” mysteries have begin to grow in popularity. These are mysteries that do involve some kind of crime, but don’t have the kind of grim and gruesome content that other mysteries do. Longwood Health

These mysteries also tend to have appealing locations. For example, a lot of mystery series are set in a small town. People that read these books don’t just get caught up in the mystery itself. They also get attached to all of the people that are a part of the story.


While some people prefer light reading, there are plenty of people that like to read books that are a little more challenging. A lot of seniors welcome the chance to challenge their mind. With that said, it can be difficult to find the right kind of literature to give a person; every individual has their own taste.

Many seniors have said that they prefer literature that is focused around characters, particularly characters that are close to them in age. A lot of seniors also strongly enjoy works of fiction that draw heavily upon history; books like this sell very well.

Now that you know what some of the top books for seniors are, you will be able to pick out the perfect book the next time you give a gift. Whether you choose a novel or a reading device, you’ll be able to give a gift that will make the older individual in your life very happy.

5 Steps to Consider when Undergoing a Painting Project

wall paint

Monotony is definitely not fun as it can be really boring, just like in the case of your house color. Painting your house is something done mostly when it starts to look a bit dull after a couple of years pass by (since the time it was first painted). It is even done otherwise, to change the look of a home especially before an important event like a wedding. Either way, painting is a long process that needs to be well thought out before implementation. Playing with colors while painting a house can be a fun activity instead of a stressful one. All you need to do is take into account the following:


1. Purpose – While painting your home, you need to understand the purpose of the different areas in your home. Like for example, your kid’s room will require a glossier paint as it is easy to clean up. The master bedroom will look best with a sober color as you would want it to be calming. The living room will need to be a bit more bright and welcoming. As such, colors will depend on the purpose of the room.


2. Less is More – You may have a few colors in mind that may very well complement each other. However adding too many colors in your home will leave it looking too loud and chaotic. If you are going in for a bright color for your bedroom, try painting the bright color on one wall only and leaving the rest of the walls painted a neutral color. This will lead to your room looking colorful yet trendy.


3. Complementing – Before you select a color combination, narrow down on the essential items placed in your home. This could be a staircase, beautiful couch etcetera. Once you are aware of these items, only then should you go ahead with choosing a color that will complement the same. If you have a strikingly green couch, choosing an off-white or beige for your living room will emphasis the green couch in the perfect way.


4. Sample – Even though you may have the color combinations well planned out in your head, it may look completely different in reality. Hence it is wise to carry out painting a sample of the colors you wish to paint your home with. While some colors may look great in the brochure, they may have the opposite effect on your walls.


5. Total Paint Needed – Everyone works on a budget and therefore you will want to have an idea on the amount of paint required for the entire job. For this you will have to consider the square footage of your home, along with the number of coats you desire. Keep in mind that a primer should be applied prior to painting for best results. Different colors will be priced differently and you will have to make a selection accordingly.


These are a couple of factors to make a note of before you decide to paint your home Painting will help change the entire look of your home by just selecting the right colors in the right combination. This positive change will definitely get you happy and you will never have to look at house-painting as a dreadful process.

How Pictures as Words Came Long Before Emoji

Traditionalists often lament how “Millennials” are losing their ability to communicate, thanks to the widespread use of abbreviated text messages and smileys, emoticons, or — most recently — emoji. Regardless of the name, the latter refer to small, simple graphics that are used to convey emotion or meaning. Emoji are often used in text messages on phones or social media like Twitter or Facebook Before these or even the Internet came into existence, however, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and everyone who came before them have already been guilty of the same: replacing words with pictures is just so common, they don’t realize it.


Although great works of literature can probably convey more information with precision to more people than paintings and drawings, pictures are superior to writing when it comes to practical use. Machines and devices can be sold and used worldwide if their controls are marked with symbols rather than words, as no translation or even literacy would be necessary. Since usage involves relatively simple ideas, it can also look “cleaner” to use a basic drawing or figure than to print a few words on each button.


Two of the most rudimentary concepts in the world, “up” and “down,” can be easily depicted by arrows pointing in the respective direction. They can be simplified further to become two triangles, or the arrowheads of the arrows, without losing any meaning. My friend Brad Pilon brought this to my attention, he said that on a treadmill or exercise bike, for example, the manufacturer may even use a V and an upside-down V to indicate something more complex, such as increased difficulty, length of time, or speed. A new user could also easily figure out that a heart or EKG (heartbeat graph) symbol next to those buttons relates to heart rate. In fact, the most basic treadmill control panels may feature little more than these simplified arrows, a heart, and a number pad.

symbol list for tourists health


Other symbols useful for diet- and fitness-related equipment may include:


-A clock or stopwatch, which indicates time elapsed or remaining;

-A walking or running stick figure, for speed or fitness mode;

-Footprints or shoe prints, to mark distance or speed;

-A hill, symbolizing incline levels;

-Flames, meaning calories used;

and -A house, which returns the user to the main screen.


Of course, every device or equipment will include a Power button. Besides bearing one of the few symbols that have become standardized and easily recognized across the world, this button may even be left blank — simply making it larger than the other buttons or coloring it red is a clear indicator of its purpose.

This was just one of many forms of graphical needs that people the world over require on a daily basis without sparing a thought for the process that goes on behind the scenes to positively increase the user experience. More on that over at wikipedia


Before complaining that the popularity of emoji is eroding the culture of words, think of the ways in which graphics have already replaced words in the world, including on household electronics and equipment. They are more common and handy than most people believe — and they’re here to stay.

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